2021-2022 Special Call for Web Series

TELUS Fund’s Special Call for Web Series is looking for stories about CAREGIVING that engage our emotions and have the potential to change the way we think and feel about providing care. Stories that share knowledge in entertaining ways, build empathy for better health care and social policies, and drive those in need to resources and communities of support.


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TELUS Fund is offering up to $25,000 per successful applicant, towards the creation of a six minute pilot webisode that focuses on caregiving in Canada!

In 2017, TELUS Fund launched the first Special Call for Web Series to surface stories with the potential to positively impact individuals caring for loved ones. Since then the Fund has helped finance twenty original pilot episodes and seven original web series: How We Die, Culture of Caring, Growing Together with Jann Arden, Cypher, Caring For Those Who Care, Being There, and House Call With Dr. Yvette Lu.

These touching series have been released annually to the public through the Stories For Caregivers initiative, with marketing and promotional support provided by TELUS Fund. In that time they have amassed over 9 MILLION views and have been featured on national television, radio, and other mainstream news media across the country.

Once again, TELUS Fund is offering up to $25,000 per successful applicant, towards the creation of a 3 to 6 minute pilot webisode that focuses on caregiving in Canada. The Fund will then select up to 3 of the completed pilots to receive up to $140,000 in additional financing towards the production of a full web series based on the pilot! Multiple applications for multiple series ideas permitted. APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN UNTIL OCTOBER 18, 2021.

Please read the SPECIAL CALL GUIDELINES for more details.

Applicant Checklist

  • The Applicant is primarily in the business of producing professional media content
  • Headquartered in Canada
  • A for-profit taxable corporation (within the meaning of Canada’s Income Tax Act)
  • A Canadian-controlled company (Sections 26 to 28 of the Investment Canada Act)
  • The owner has the right to produce, distribute and exploit the series throughout the world in all manner, languages and media in perpetuity
  • Able to demonstrate a successful track record delivering quality content of comparable size and scope

Web Series Checklist

  • The series will demonstrate the potential to entertain, engage and enlighten the health choices of Canadians
  • Will be targeted to caregiver audiences in Canada. The caregiving theme will appear prominently in the central storyline or in sub-plots
  • Scripted and unscripted genres are eligible including for example: drama, comedy, lifestyle, magazine, variety, reality, documentary, etc.
  • Will be produced in the English language
  • Will be at least 8 related episodes between 3 to 6 minutes in duration per episode
  • Will be produced in Canada with at least 75% of eligible costs being Canadian costs
  • Will be closed captioned and contain described video
  • Has additional sources of financing comprising at least 25% of the budget (producer deferrals accepted)

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